Massachusetts Home Repairs that Require a Permit

DIY home repairs are much more popular nowadays, thanks to the availability of online tutorials and television shows that make it seem pretty easy. Homeowners can choose to hire a contractor or attempt a DIY on some repairs, so long as they comply … [Read more...]

MA Home Winterization Checklist

The temperatures are quickly dropping in Massachusetts. If you haven't already prepared your home for winter, this weekend would be the perfect time to get things done. Here's a quick MA home winterization checklist to get you started. HVAC … [Read more...]

MA Spring Home Repairs and Maintenance Tasks

Spring is here! Okay, technically there's still snow on the ground, but it is indeed Spring. As that snow starts to melt, it's a good time to think about your annual Spring cleaning¬†and repair tasks. Here are a few¬†MA home spring repairs and … [Read more...]

Reducing Personal Injury Claims Against Your Homeowners Insurance

Being conscientious about safety can help reduce personal injury claims against your home. Such claims typically get filed against your homeowners insurance and can result in higher insurance costs or, in some cases, denial of future insurance … [Read more...]