CARenters Insurance

CARenters Insurance

CARenters™ Insurance bundles your Car and your Renters insurance policy together, saving you money and providing coverage for your belongings inside your car and apartment.

It’s a No-Brainer

If you have a car, and you rent your home, it’s a no brainer to get CARenters Insurance by Eagle Trust Insurance. By combining your policies together, you will likely save money by bundling them and you have one less contact number to remember.

Let Eagle Trust Insurance be your one-stop-shop. We’ve been around for over 25 years, we’re conveniently located in Somerville, MA and we have some of the friendliest agents around. Let us review your current policies and see what changes would be best for you.

Think you don’t need Renters Insurance?

Have you ever stopped to add up the value of all your belongings? Don’t forget your sports and music equipment, electronics (such as TV, tablet, cell phone, laptop), jewelry, clothes, shoes, appliances? Use the Eagle Trust Inventory Calculator to take inventory of what you have and add up the value of your belongings.

CARentersIf you are renting, unfortunately, your landlords’ homeowners policy is NOT going to cover the loss of any of your belongings OR help provide you a temporary place to stay in the event of a fire, water damage from a ruptured pipe, wind damage, or ice storm. A Renters Insurance policy will cover your belongings, help provide temporary accommodations if you have to move out while repairs are being made for fire or water damage, and liability coverage for medical and legal costs if an accident lands you in a lawsuit.

Eagle Trust Insurance

Eagle Trust Insurance is your reputable, local insurance provider. Let us review your current policies to see if there are any gaps in coverage, areas for improvement, or discounts that you may qualify for. Use the form to the right to submit your contact information today to have one of our friendly representatives reach out to you and get you started by saving $$ and having peace of mind. We can assist with CARenters™ insurance and any of your other insurance needs.