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Living in Massachusetts means dealing with extreme weather conditions at different times of the year. Having the right insurance coverage for your car and home helps protect those investments and your peace of mind. Massachusetts has a competitive insurance market, allowing you to select your insurance provider of choice. Here’s why you should consider Plymouth Rock Insurance.

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Plymouth Rock Insurance offers complete MA auto insurance coverage. They also provide MA homeowner’s insurance coverage (in addition to renter’s insurance and condo insurance) through their affiliate, Bunker Hill Insurance. Purchasing both auto and home/renters/condo allows you to take advantage of bundle discounts.

Why Plymouth Rock Assurance?

Plymouth Rock Assurance offers a wide range of insurance options. They also provide competitive rates, saving you even more money. Their excellent customer service minimizes headaches. Whether you are purchasing a new policy or filing an insurance claim, their experienced team will provide helpful guidance throughout the process. Get started today with a free quote!

Call Eagle Trust at 617-625-8400 or get a quote now if you are an AARP member in Massachusetts.  If you have any additional questions please contact us.

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