3 Surprising Things That Can Change Your MA Auto Insurance Premium

Most Massachusetts drivers know about the major MA auto insurance factors, such as the make/model/mileage of your car and your driving history. There are actually other factors that contribute to your insurance premium, and some of these things may surprise you! Here are 3 surprising things that can change your MA auto insurance premium.

Marital Status Change

If you recently got married, you should contact your insurance company. Most people are surprised to learn that marital status is one of many things that can change your MA auto insurance premium. Why is this? Statistically, people who are married drive more cautiously than those who are not. Not only are you a bit older and more mature when you wed, but you also start considering the other person in your life and will therefore take fewer risks when driving.

Not Paying Your Insurance Premium

Here’s another surprising insurance factor,… paying your premium. Your payment history gets recorded in a system used by other auto insurance companies in Massachusetts. Thus, if you consistently pay late or failed to pay your premium altogether (and your policy was cancelled as a result), this will be viewed negatively by your new insurance provider. You will likely pay more as a result.

Miles Driven

Are you driving your car a lot less than you used to? You may be able to obtain a reduced insurance rate! Driving less means you are less likely to get into an accident.

You may not recall, but when you first obtained your current auto insurance policy, your insurance company asked how many miles you drive yearly. If you no longer commute to work, recently retired, or had some other change to your driving habits, it’s worthwhile to call your MA insurance company.

More Things That Can Change your MA Auto Insurance Premium

These are just a few examples of things that can change your MA auto insurance premium. It’s a good idea to contact your insurance company once a year to review and update your policy. There may be other life changes that could reduce your auto insurance premium and save you money!