Single Family Market Statistics For Somerville MA 2017 2nd Quarter

The real estate market is constantly changing. The single family market statistics for Somerville MA 2017 2nd quarter is proof that although there are overall trends, all markets will fluctuate up and down. In the second quarter of this year, there … [Read more...]

Somerville MA Condo Home Sale Prices For 2nd Quarter 2017

Although the single family home market in Somerville MA leveled off a bit during the 2nd quarter of 2017, the condo market has not. Condo prices in Somerville continue to rise, compared to the same time period during previous years. This will be the … [Read more...]

Somerville MA Real Estate Market Recap for 2016

The Somerville MA real estate market has been hot. It has steadily increased over the last few years with high competition and rising prices. The figures for the 2016 calendar year are in, and they're quite impressive! Somerville MA Single Family … [Read more...]

Somerville MA Single Family Sales | 2nd Quarter Average Prices

Below are statistics for Somerville MA single family sales, 2nd quarter average prices of homes sold. It includes a year-over-year comparison to give you a sense of where the market has been (and perhaps where it may be heading). Somerville MA … [Read more...]