Winter Driving Tips for Icy Roads

As temperatures drop, driving becomes a little more challenging. Extra precautions must be taken to safely operate your vehicle on snow filled or icy roads. Here are some winter driving tips for icy roads, to help keep you safe this winter. Slow … [Read more...]

Hands Free Options For Vehicle Cellphone Use

There has been increasing legislation around cellphone use while driving. Pulling over to answer a phone call or text message may not be an option for you. Some responsibilities, like a career or family, require constant communication no matter where … [Read more...]

Mandatory Driver’s License Suspension in Massachusetts

There are circumstances that may result in mandatory driver's license suspension in Massachusetts. Do you know what these factors are? If you are 18 years or older and your driving record contains a certain number of surchargeable events, your … [Read more...]

4th of July Holiday Safety Tips

Independence Day is right around the corner. As you celebrate this important day in American History, you're likely to enjoy barbecues, drinking, and fireworks. As you have fun with family and friends, please remember to stay safe. Here are a few 4th … [Read more...]

Restrictions for Teen Drivers in Massachusetts

Teen drivers (under the age of 18) will take time to build valuable driving experience. As new drivers, they are likely to encounter more issues, including accidents, simply due to their inexperience. To help ensure their safety and to emphasize the … [Read more...]

Electronic Tolling on the MA Pike

A big change is taking place on the MA Turnpike. The toll booths are coming down! Electronic tolling on the MA Pike is now in effect. Time to Get an EZPass EZPass is a transponder that you place in your car's windshield. It is linked to your debit … [Read more...]

Does Gas Quality Really Matter?

As a car owner, you probably fill up your tank weekly, on average. You've probably given some thought to which gas stations to visit, compared prices, and wondered, does auto gas quality really matter? Here is something to add to that line of … [Read more...]

MA Winter Driving Tips

Snow is on the ground, snow banks cover the sidewalks, and the roads are often icy even when it's not snowing. At this time of year, you need to change your driving habits in order to stay safe. Here are just a few reminders on important MA winter … [Read more...]

Preparing Your Car for Winter Weather

The first snow storm in Massachusetts is a sign that winter is finally here. There will undoubtedly be much more snow to come before this winter is over. If you haven't already, it's time to start preparing your car for winter weather. Here are a few … [Read more...]

Tips for Parents of Teen Drivers

Getting a driver's license is one of the most memorable moments in a teen's life,...and one of the most scary moments of a parent's. Naturally, parents worry most about safety when it comes to teen drivers. Fortunately, parents can help make the … [Read more...]