5 Things Not Covered by Massachusetts Auto Insurance

Auto insurance is required for cars registered in the state of Massachusetts, and basic policies include quite a bit of coverage. However, there are some important things that it does not normally cover. Knowing what your policy does and does not cover is important, so we’ve compiled a list of 5 things not covered by Massachusetts auto insurance policies.

Personal Belongings

Massachusetts auto insurance covers your vehicle, you as the driver, and your passengers. It does not normally cover any personal belongings that you may store in that car. For example, if you place a laptop in your backseat and come back to find it’s been stolen, your auto insurance will not cover that loss.


Modifications to your vehicle are not normally covered by your insurance. Your insurance company covers a specific dollar amount for your vehicle based on its market value (calculated using make, model, condition, and mileage). If you add expensive mods, the total value will exceed that standard market value. So, in case of a total loss, you would not get back the cost of those mods. Ask your insurance company about whether you can purchase additional coverage for modifications.

Others In Your Household

Your household is considered your physical address. Drivers in your household must be listed on your policy or they will not be covered when driving your vehicle. This does not mean that you must pay for their insurance coverage. Other drivers who have their own policy can be listed as authorized drivers without increasing your insurance premium.

Rental Coverage

Among the things not covered by Massachusetts auto insurance is car rental coverage, that is, unless you specifically add it. Rental coverage does not come standard in most policies. The cost to add it may be minimal. If you cannot go without a vehicle for any period of time, consider adding this to your policy. Contact your insurance company for pricing information.

Roadside Assistance

If your car breaks down on the side of the road, don’t automatically assume that you can contact your insurance company. Roadside assistance is not included in all policies. However, it might be provided by your dealership or through third parties like AAA. Don’t wait for a breakdown to figure out who to call. Look into your options ahead of time and keep the information in your vehicle for emergencies.


Other Things Not Covered by Massachusetts Auto Insurance

The above are 5 specific examples of things not covered by Massachusetts auto insurance policies, but it’s certainly not a comprehensive list. To avoid being surprised by lack of coverage, check your policy documents to understand what is specifically covered. Assume that anything not mentioned is excluded from coverage.