Annual MA Auto Insurance Review

Annual MA auto insurance reviewIf you’re like most MA residents, your MA auto insurance renews automatically every 6 months to a year,.. and you don’t really give it a second thought. However, it’s important to perform an annual MA auto insurance review. Otherwise, you may be missing important discounts or coverages.

Special Discounts

Discounts offerings can change from year to year. Your involvement in different organizations, driving habits, and household situation may have changed as well. It’s a good idea to check whether you qualify for any new discounts. After all, it could save you money! Here are a few types of discounts that may be available:

  • Company Discounts (for certain MA employers)
  • Membership/Association Discounts
  • Discounts for Certain Vehicle Features (i.e. Lo-Jack, Alarm)
  • Seatbelt Use
  • Multi-Car Discounts
  • Multi-Policy Discounts

Coverage Options

Do you have enough coverage? Massachusetts requires certain coverage minimums, but it may make sense for you to increase some of those limits. Many options provide pretty good coverage for very little extra cost. Additionally, there may be other optional coverages that you should consider such as windshield replacement coverage, rental car coverage, etc. You may also want to re-evaluate your deductible amount.

Remember that coverage limits are the maximum that your insurance company will pay. Given the increasing cost of health care and the amount of expensive vehicles on the road, could damages resulting from an accident exceed those limits? If so, you could be held personally responsible for the overage. Increasing your coverage offers some peace of mind.

Why Perform an Annual MA Auto Insurance Review

As time goes by, there are changes to your life and your insurance needs. Performing an annual MA auto insurance review ensures that you have sufficient coverage. Waiting until an issue arises to review this information could be a costly mistake.