Increased Threshold for Surchargeable Car Accidents | MA Auto Insurance Update

Governor Baker recently signed into law increased thresholds for surchargeable car accidents for MA auto insurance policies. This is great news for MA drivers and can result in significant savings. Here are some important details on this change.

car accidentWhat Are Surcharges

When you are involved in an accident and are determined to be more than 50% at-fault, you receive points against your driving record. These points result in surcharges on MA auto insurance rates, which are basically a higher rate. The number of points and amount of surcharges depend on whether it was a minor or major accident. Minor accidents result in 3 points and major accidents 4 points.

Increased Threshold for Surchargeable Car Accidents

Previously, the threshold for minor accidents was $500 and major accidents $2,000. Based on these figures, a minor accident would often be viewed as a major accident from an insurance standpoint given the high cost of even basic vehicle repairs nowadays. Effective July 1, 2015, the new threshold for minor accidents is $1,000 and major accidents $5,000. These new figures are more reflective of the growing cost of vehicle repairs.

Impact on MA Auto Insurance Rates

This increased threshold for surchargeable car accidents will save Massachusetts drivers significant money. The exact savings depends on your complete driving record and individual insurance company surcharge rates. For some drivers, the savings can be hundreds or even thousands over the course of several years. For additional information, please contact Eagle Trust Insurance.