MA Auto Insurance Discounts That You May Have Missed

IMG373There are many different types of auto insurance discounts available. Many are related to your vehicle or type of policy, but others are special discounts that you may not even be aware of. Here are some MA auto insurance discounts that you may have missed.

Employer Discounts

Many companies establish relationships with particular insurance providers and offer discounts to their employees. Your company does not necessarily need to be a large one to have such arrangements. Ask your HR department or insurance provider about special employee discounts that may be offered for MA auto insurance and other types of insurance products.

Membership Discounts

Employers are not the only ones that may have special discount arrangements with insurance companies. Many membership organizations do as well. If you are a member of a club, trade association, certification program, etc., you may be eligible for a special discount. Alumni organizations fall into this category as well.

There are two ways that you can find out about these discounts. First, you may contact the administrators of your group/association. Many may even post this information on their websites. You may also contact your insurance agent.

Taking Advantage of MA Auto Insurance Discounts That You May Have Missed

Most discount arrangements are specific to an insurance company. So, you may qualify with one discount with one company but a separate discount with another. It is important to evaluate the overall savings before making any drastic changes. For example, you may receive an extra 5% discount by switching insurance companies, but that won’t save you any money if that new insurance company has a higher than 5% premium to begin with. If your current insurance company offers the discount, then you simply need to notify them of your qualification. They may ask for a membership number, employee ID, or some other type of verification.