MA Auto Insurance Personal Injury Protection Coverage

In the state of Massachusetts, personal injury protection (PIP) is required in auto insurance policies. There are some options related to it that can affect your auto insurance premium, so it is important to understand what PIP is, what it covers, and what options are available to you. Below is a brief overview of MA auto insurance personal injury protection coverage.

What Is Personal Injury Protection

Personal Injury ProtectionPersonal injury protection covers basic medical payments which can include medical expenses, up to 75% of loss of wages, and replacement services (such as childcare) resulting from an auto accident. Your policy will detail who is entitled to receiving benefits from this coverage. You can save on your premium by excluding yourself and/or household members from some or all of this coverage. Drivers and passengers of motorcycles are not covered by PIP. However, the owner of a motorcycle must still purchase this coverage to protect other people who may be injured by the motorcycle.

MA Auto Insurance Personal Injury Protection Coverage Details

In the state of Massachusetts, personal injury protection coverage can pay up to $8,000 to you or anyone you let drive your car, anyone living in your household, passengers and pedestrians. Massachusetts is a no-fault state, so the coverage applies regardless of who causes the accident. It covers medical expenses in excess of $2,000 that are not paid for by your medical insurance, but only after these expenses have been submitted to the medical insurer to determine what it will and will not pay. Your PIP coverage will not pay for expenses over $2,000 that your medical insurer would have paid if the injured person had sought treatment in accordance with the terms of their health plan.

Why Personal Injury Protection Coverage Is Important

Personal Injury Protection coverage takes away the delay of determining who to blame for an accident and provides important financial support during the aftermath of an accident. It covers more than the standard Medical Payments Coverage of auto insurance policies by including lost wages, rehabilitation services, and support services such as childcare. These can be significant expenses incurred after an auto accident. For additional information on PIP coverage options in Massachusetts, contact Best Rate insurance. We can fully explain the options to you and ensure that you are properly protected.