Racing Accidents Are Not Covered by MA Auto Insurance

Calling all speed demons (especially if you relate to Sammy Hagar and don’t mind the consequences: “take my license, all that jive – I can’t drive 55”) – then by all means press your luck. But for those of you who want to tax the limits of your tachometer and race, be aware that racing accidents are not covered by MA auto insurance. That’s right…

Racing on Roadways or Even on Racetracks!

Insurance will not cover you in either venue if you are racing for time or competition – or simply “practicing for racing.” If you are attending an event at a racetrack, you should definitely check your coverage to see what it entails – specifically if the organizer uses the term “RACE” in any way. Some companies have exclusionary policies on any “course designed for competition” whether or not you are racing and will not cover any incidents.

Now let’s focus on each venue individually and the associated risks…

Racing on Roadways

If you have any intention of drag racing on a public highway or roadway, be prepared to face the consequences including heavy fines, potential jail time, and lawsuits. In addition to being extremely dangerous for you and your passenger(s), you are also endangering the lives of those around you on the roadway. Excessive speed can lead to loss of control and potentially fatal collisions. The result could be damage to your vehicle, damage to other vehicles, property damage, and personal injury (you and others involved). Keep in mind that none of these will be covered by your MA auto insurance due to your culpability by choosing to race.

Track Racing

Voila_Capture 43Many local tracks are open to the public for “track days” and allow individuals to race their own vehicle on the course. As  mentioned above, you need to check your policy very carefully if you choose to participate in this type of event. Any accident caused by racing will not be covered, nor will any other circumstances at a racetrack. In fact, some people have reported that they were dropped from their policy a few months after simply calling to inquire whether they were covered for racing on a track! But if you are adamant about track racing, there are a few companies that offer specific club event and track day insurance. Be smart and make sure you are covered.

Why Racing Accidents Are not Covered by MA Auto Insurance

Whether on public roads or on a racetrack, racing is inherently dangerous. It is no surprise that racing accidents are not covered by MA auto insurance policies. The next time you consider maxing out your MPH in a race, remember the serious injury, hefty fines, loss of your license, jail time, and financial consequences that may result. You might no longer be singing along with Sammy…