Are Solar Panels Covered by MA Homeowner’s Insurance?

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve likely received many calls from solar companies. There’s still a big push these days for homes to go solar. If you decide to go solar, an important question to ask is “Are solar panels covered by MA homeowner’s insurance?”

Roofing Versus Solar Panels

Standard MA homeowner’s insurance policies normally cover roofing, such as asphalt. Solar panels normally sit on top of your roofing material, therefore they do not fall into the classification of “roofing.” As a homeowner, you should not assume that they are covered. Contact your insurance company to find out for sure.

Policy Coverage Limits

In addition to having solar panels specifically covered under your MA homeowner’s insurance policy, you may also need to increase your coverage limits. Coverage limits are a maximum dollar amount for your policy. It is intended to cover full replacement of your home (and all of its components) in case of a complete loss, such as from a fire. The cost to replace (or rebuild) your home is naturally higher if you need to purchase new solar panels. So, it’s important to up that coverage limit.

So, Are Solar Panels Covered by MA Homeowner’s Insurance?

So, the short answer is, probably not. You’ll want to make sure you get coverage for them and increase your policy limits to cover their value. This change will likely increase your premium a bit. However, given the investment that you are making in the panels to begin with, you’ll want to protect their value. Contact us for a quote on MA Homeowner’s Insurance┬áto see if we can save you some money compared to your current provider.