Ways To Minimize Home Insurance Claims In Massachusetts

A home is a place where you feel secure, where you protect who and what you love most.  Taking steps to maintain your home’s safety can also help you minimize home insurance claims and thereby save you money. Especially here in New England, where the weather changes drastically, it is important to look for warning signs or opportunities for trouble and address them immediately. Here are a few ways to minimize home insurance claims.

Reduce Fire Hazards

One of the most tragic, costly and unexpected ways to damage or lose a home is to a fire. It is important to check your home for potential hazards such as frayed electrical wires, flammable materials being near open flames, exposed wiring, etc. Accidents often occur when a home is cluttered, making it easy to miss signs of certain dangers. Thus, it’s worthwhile to keep an organized home. Finally, if you or a loved one has to smoke, take it outside. Not only does this decrease the likelihood of a loose ember falling on combustible material, it will help the house retain its value by minimizing cigarette odors.

Perform Yearly Safety Checks

Some small tasks can make a huge impact. Changing the batteries of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors each year ensures you have a proper functioning warning system in place. Servicing air conditioning and heating units ensure they are functioning properly and not leaking carbon monoxide into your home. These are just a few examples of things you should be checking in your home every year. Don’t wait for a costly incident to occur. Being proactive will minimize home insurance claims and the headache of related home repairs.

Use Modern Appliances

Aside from dust accumulation that can take place inside of old appliances, there are other reasons to update appliances in your home. The first reason is simply energy efficiency. Newer technology does more with less, which will lower utility bills. Newer appliances also have better safety features, reducing the likelihood of an issue. If this isn’t reason enough, remember that older appliances are prone to problems stemming from aging materials. Examples of this include connections loosening up, wires fraying, insects and animals finding their way in and mechanical malfunctions.

Addressing Seasonal Hazards

The northeast experiences four seasons, which can present a wide array of dangers. Keeping stairs and driveways clear of ice and wet leaves can prevent a car accident or physical injury. Clearing the gutters of leaves and debris, removing heavy snow from the roof and addressing overgrown vegetation can prevent some serious damage caused by weight or falling objects during wind storms. Even keeping an eye out for pests or other infestations during the summer can save a house from wood or structural damage.

Summary Of Ways To Minimize Insurance Claims

It all comes down to being attentive. Having a plan can help you stay on top of yearly or seasonal maintenance tasks. Understanding the plumbing, electrical and structural design of your home is helpful, but having the right professionals inspect and service your home can be a great substitute for personal knowledge. Being diligent with your home ownership responsibilities is the best way to minimize home insurance claims. Contact us for more information on home insurance in Massachusetts. We are always happy to help!