Pre-Closing Home Buyer Checklist

checklistYou’ve searched long and hard for a home and finally have your offer accepted. You may be wondering,…what’s next? There are several things that you need to do prior to closing. Here are a few to include on your pre-closing home buyer checklist.

1. Insurance Quotes

It’s time to get some insurance quotes. When purchasing homeowners insurance, it often makes sense to also request a quote on auto, umbrella, and other types of insurance because most insurance companies offer multi-policy discounts. Consider contacting an independent insurance agency. They can compare rates across multiple providers. If you end up using different providers for your insurance policies, you may still receive a multi-policy discount for using the same insurance agent. You typically must provide a homeowners insurance binder to your mortgage company.

2. School Registration

You will need to request your children’s school and medical records when moving from one school system to another. Contact the new school to get the specific details. Submit the information ahead of time to ensure a smooth transition.

3. Utility Changeover

Find out what utility companies are available for your new home. Contact your existing providers to schedule termination of service and your new providers to begin service. It is important to contact the utility companies ahead of time to avoid a delay in service. They also typically send a technician out to take a meter reading, which may require a few days’ notice.

4. Change of Address

The United States Postal Service can forward mail on your behalf. You can request this in person or online. Forwarding is only a temporary measure, so be sure to provide your new address to everyone from which you receive mail. This includes credit card companies, utility companies, your employer, etc.

Additional Items for your Pre-Closing Home Buyer Checklist

If you are moving to a new state, there are additional items for your pre-closing home buyer checklist. This includes transferring your driver’s license and registering your vehicles in the new state. If you own a business, you must also update your business registration information with the government, state, and local city or town. Be sure to prepare a comprehensive checklist of everything related to your move. This will help you stay organized!