Back to School Tips for Massachusetts Parents

Summer will be coming to an end in just a few short weeks! It’s time to start thinking about back-to-school. Here are some back to school tips for Massachusetts parents to help you get organized and to ease the transition.

Start Altering Bedtimes

Your children have been staying up later than usual during the summer. It might be difficult to immediately change that bedtime without having some very grumpy kids for the first few days of school. One of the most important back to school tips is adjusting their sleep schedule, but do it slowly. Start the transition process in the next week or two by putting the kids to bed a little bit earlier. Do this in small increments (i.e. 5-10 minutes each night) so that they’ll be right on schedule by the end of the month.

Look for Back-to-School Sales

Retailers are already stocking up for back-to-school and offering some great sales. Get your children’s supply list (usually posted on the school’s website) and start monitoring sales. When it comes to larger items like backpacks, shopping early gives you the most options.

Get Organized

We’ve all been through the mad rush of getting out of the house in the morning and realizing that you’ve forgotten something. Start thinking about how to organize and manage your children’s schedules. If you’re a fan of Pinterest, you’ve probably seen some great ideas already.

For example, you can get a 5 drawer bin and assign one to each day of the week. At the beginning of the week, have your children compile their outfits and other supplies for each day. Are they taking swimming class one day? If so, make sure their swimsuit, goggles, towel, and other necessities are in that day’s bin. In fact, you can place a list on the front of each drawer as a reminder. This is our favorite among the back to school tips for Massachusetts parents because it can reduce your stress yet be fun for the kids!

More Back to School Tips for Massachusetts Parents

Getting the kids involved in back to school activities and daily preparations can go a long way in easing the transition. Here are a few other back to school tips to consider…

  1. Have your kids look for their school supplies and check them off the list.
  2. Get backpacks ready the night before. Rather than rushing in the morning, have kids place their books, homework, and snack (if non-perishable) into their backpacks the night before.
  3. Post an activity board with reminders and to-do’s. Kids can be responsible for checking their list before stepping out the door.
  4. Create a homework center where your children can sit and do their homework without distraction. It should be stocked with necessary supplies.

Being well-prepared is the first step to minimizing your stress as a parent. By making the planning and organizing process fun for your kids, you are sure to get their participation and cooperation!