4th of July Holiday Safety Tips

Independence Day is right around the corner. As you celebrate this important day in American History, you’re likely to enjoy barbecues, drinking, and fireworks. As you have fun with family and friends, please remember to stay safe. Here are a few 4th of July holiday safety tips to keep in mind.

Find a Designated Driver

Hot/sunny days can sometimes increase the impact of alcohol in your system. If you plan on drinking all day and evening, you will need a sober driver to get you home safely. Police patrols will be increased during the holiday weekend, so this is even more reason to plan ahead. If you plan to be in the city, consider taking public transportation. Uber is another great option, although keep in mind that wait times may be longer and fares may be higher that weekend.

Be Careful Around Fireworks

Fireworks are illegal in the state of Massachusetts, although that doesn’t seem to stop people from finding and lighting them up every year. Therefore, no 4th of July safety tips would be complete without discussing fireworks.

If you do plan to light fireworks, be sure to have a sober adult in charge. Additionally, keep a safe distance from homes, wooded areas, or anything that can easily catch fire. Never give fireworks to children and always keep a water hose nearby. Consider your safety and the safety of people and homes around you.

Other 4th of July Holiday Safety Tips

Whether you plan on celebrating in your neighborhood or joining one of the many community celebrations, here are a few other helpful reminders.

  1. Wear Sunblock – At this time of year, the sun can do a lot of damage,…especially when you’re spending the entire day outdoors.
  2. Wear Bug Spray – Once the sun sets, the bugs will definitely be out. Don’t forget to pack the bug spray, especially if you’re near wooded areas.
  3. Bring a Flashlight – Walking to and from venues can be dangerous given the increased traffic around these events. Carry a flashlight or glow sticks to ensure that you can be seen by motorists.
  4. Keep Children Close – It’s easy to lose track of children in crowds. With so many people around, holiday events can be a target for abductors. So, keep your kids close and review safety protocols with them.

We hope that these 4th of July holiday safety tips will help you and your family celebrate the 4th while remaining safe.