Electronic Tolling on the MA Pike

A big change is taking place on the MA Turnpike. The toll booths are coming down! Electronic tolling on the MA Pike is now in effect.

Time to Get an EZPass

ezpassEZPass is a transponder that you place in your car’s windshield. It is linked to your debit or credit card. EZPass makes a withdrawal from your account (based on your monthly usage trends) and places those funds into your EZPass account. Tolls are then collected from your EZPass balance. Once your balance reaches a certain level, the funds are then replenished via a charge to the debit/credit card on file.

EZPass transponders can be obtained for free at designated locations throughout the state. Some tolling locations offer discounted toll rates to EZPass users. You will avoid invoicing fees noted below. If you travel often on the MA Pike and other toll roads, now’s the time to pick up a transponder for your vehicle! EZPass also works in other states in addition to electronic tolling on the MA Pike.

Toll Charges for Non-EZPass Users

If you don’t have an EZPass transponder, don’t worry! Cameras in tolling areas will capture your license plate number and you will receive an invoice by mail (to the address tied to your vehicle registration). An invoicing fee is charged in addition to the regular toll rate. Late fees may also apply if you do not pay on-time.

Pay by the Plate

To avoid invoicing fees mentioned above, register for a Pay by the Plate Account. This works similar to EZPass in that you must provide a debit/credit card or bank account number. There are several options for automatic prepayment, manual prepayment, and automatic post payment. Unlike EZPass, this option does not require a transponder and only works in Massachusetts.