Holiday Traveling Tips | Tips for Air Travel

airport travelingIt’s that time of year again! The holidays are one of the busiest times for many things, including traveling. This year, there are some additional travel concerns related to security. Here are a few holiday traveling tips that will hopefully make your travels this week a little easier.

Arrive Extra Early

If you are traveling by air, it may take more time than usual to get through airport security. With the recent terror threats across the world, extra precautions are in place to help keep travelers safe. Arrive at the airport an hour or more earlier than you may have in the past. This ensures that both you and your checked luggage will make it to the plane on time.  It may be difficult to find an alternate flight if you are late.

Review Your Carry On Items

Check the airport and/or airline websites for an updated list of restricted items. Keep your liquids under the specified limits. Also, remember that liquids, laptops, and other key items must be taken out of your bag and placed directly in the bins. To help speed up the security process, make sure you can quickly grab these items from your bag. Also, you may be required to remove belts, shoes, and coats. If possible, take your belt and coat off ahead of time and place it in your bag. Remember that not following instructions may result in you and/or your luggage getting pulled aside for further checks. This will add to an already prolonged security checkpoint process.

Bring Items to Keep You Busy

There may be a lot of waiting, so you’ll need some things to keep you busy. Bring along a book and/or magazines. To minimize what you carry, consider downloading electronic versions of these items to your tablet or smart phone. You may want to also keep a charger in your carry on luggage in case you need to recharge any devices during the wait. Many airports have speed charging stations available.

Be Alert

With safety and security on everyone’s mind right now, it is important remain alert. Know what is going on in your surroundings. Report any suspicious activity to security personnel.

Holiday Traveling Tips

The most important thing to keep in mind is that traveling during the holidays is never easy. Everyone gets tired and frustrated. Airport employees do the best that they can,… and they are usually under as much, if not more, stress than travelers. By remaining calm and having some patience, you will make it easier on yourself and also make it pleasant for others around you. Sometimes a little smile and patience can go a long way!