5 Ways to Reduce Home Heating Costs this Winter

The cold has set in, which means your heating costs will start to rise. We’re all looking for ways to save money, especially when it relates to homeownership. Here are 5 ways to reduce home heating costs this winter,… and you can start doing them today!

1. Dress in Layers

We dress warm when we go outside, but most of us tend to shed the layers when we get home. Are you sitting around with a short sleeve t-shirt on,… or just a thin long sleeve shirt? If you’d like to reduce home heating costs, then it’s time to adjust your wardrobe. Wearing thicker sweaters and perhaps some fluffy house slippers will allow you to lower the thermostat just a bit. Even the change of a few degrees can save you money!

2. Use Area Rugs

When your floors are cold, that trickles through to the rest of your body. Hardwood floors and tile floors naturally remain cooler during all months of the year. During the year, you want the opposite. Laying down a few rugs around the house will provide some extra insulation for your home, keeping in warmer with less effort.

3. Keep Doors Closed

How often do you open your doors and leave them wide open? Perhaps you’re going outside to grab a package or to greet a visitor. When you leave doors wide open, heat will quickly escape. This means your heating system will need to work that much harder and longer to reheat your home. To save energy, make it a habit to close your doors promptly.

4. Insulate Windows and Doors

Another common source of heat loss is through gaps in windows and doors. To reduce home heating costs, fill any gaps in your windows, or even cover them with some clear plastic (available at your local hardware store). Another option is to install insulating curtains or blinds. You can do the same with gaps in your doors by installing door seals or blockers.

5. Service Your Heating System

A heating system that works properly will be more efficient and cost less to operate. Have your system serviced annually and replace filters regularly. This will improve efficiency and save you money!

Summary of Ways to Reduce Home Heating Costs

Our list above basically covers insulation and heating efficiency. By insulating yourself and your home, you will retain heat better and require less work by your heating system. When your heating system does operate, you want it to do so efficiently. Paying attention to these factors will help lower your heating bill this winter.