Keeping Your Grass Green | Lawn Maintenance Tips

lawn maintenance tips“The grass is always greener…”? Well, we’re here to refute that saying with some simple lawn maintenance tips that will have your grass just as green on your side of the fence!

Water regularly

What’s that other saying  -“it’s all about timing?” Well, this one actually rings true. It’s better to water your grass longer every other day than to water for shorter periods of time daily.  Why? Frequent but brief watering can cause grass to develop shallow roots – and these don’t fare well in hot weather. By watering for longer periods of time less often, your grass has a chance to build a stronger root base.

Water in the morning

To avoid the pitfalls of evening watering (mildew and fungus growth) and daytime watering (evaporation, excessive sunlight, and wind), plan to water your grass in the early morning – preferably before 10 am.

Don’t mow your grass too short

It’s best to keep your grass longer in the summer to maximize the amount of moisture available at the root level. Longer blades mean longer roots, and as we learned earlier – the shorter the root, the more heat and sun will affect its health.  So set your mower on a higher setting and aim to cut off only the top 1/3 of the blades.

Keep mower blades sharp

Another handy lawn maintenance tip is to make sure you avoid dull blades. Sharp blades offer a twofold advantage: a cleaner cut (which helps grass recover quicker) and a reduced mowing time.


A well-fed lawn is a healthier lawn! And it all begins with the roots. Hence, the more you feed your lawn, the stronger the root system develops. And the stronger the roots, the more your lawn can withstand stressors – heat, mowing, foot traffic, etc.  You will need to vary your selection of fertilizer based on the condition of your lawn and the time year. Plan to develop a seasonal schedule and don’t let your roots go hungry!

And…the final lawn maintenance tip: Aerate!

Again, getting back to the root of the matter – aerating your lawn allows for all the vital nutrients to penetrate into the roots, enabling them to grow healthier and stronger. You’ve followed all these steps to ensure that the roots get watered regularly, the blades are cut correctly, and the lawn is fed properly – you’ll want to make sure that you aerate the soil to allow for proper penetration.

So there you have it – a surefire plan to keeping your grass greener with these easy lawn maintenance tips! It is easy being green (but don’t tell Kermit…)