MA First Time Buyer Guidance

Purchasing a property for the first time can be somewhat confusing. The MA first time buyer guidance below will make it less confusing. Houses are a major investment and home buyers should start with some introductory information.

Where to Start

Find a Reputable Mortgage Company

Speak with a local lender and obtain a pre-approval. Some companies may suggest varying programs. Evaluate the programs and fees to figure out the best option. Beginning this process in advance may help you understand the potential up-front and recurring expenses of property ownership. This also helps determine your price range.

Hire a Real Estate Broker

Find a real estate professional to help with your property purchase. Pick someone that best suits your needs. Experienced agents can help narrow down options, submit contracts, and ensure a less stressful transaction. This guidance is particularly critical for first time buyers.

Buying Process Information

Property Showings

Only visit homes that fit your price range. This avoids the disappointment of wanting a home that is not feasible for you to buy. Touring listings can take a lot of time, so staying within your price will also save valuable time.


Real estate professionals can provide information on contracts and negotiating them, but they can not render legal advice. If you need a legal opinion, think about hiring a real estate lawyer to explain terminology and add any desired terms. It is important that you sufficiently understand the conditions and requirements of any contract before signing them.

Property Inspections

Inspections are not meant for discussing price changes as they sometimes do not find any problems at all. Also avoid negotiating previously disclosed items. Such strategies often fail and result in wasted inspection costs. In cases where problems are found, homeowners can agree to repair issues, compensate you for them, or offer nothing at all. Fair requests have a higher likelihood of being negotiated.

Final Walk-Thru

Before the closing, you normally are given a chance to walk thru the property one more time. Try and perform this after the sellers have moved out. Resolve any issues before finalizing closing paperwork as you may have few options afterwards.

Closing and Settlement

You must have legal identification at the closing. Bring a bank check for any amounts due. Have your checkbook ready in case there are any unexpected adjustments. Upon closing, the real estate belongs to you!

Advanced MA First Time Buyer Guidance

The property purchase process will be less stressful with a little advanced knowledge. For tips beyond what is included in this MA first time buyer guidance, contact Carl Garcia at Eagle Trust Insurance by calling 617-625-8400 or by emailing