Things that Attract Burglars to Your Home | Massachusetts Burglary Prevention Tips

Things that Attract Burglars to Your Home

Are you attracting burglars to your home without even realizing it? Burglars look for easy targets and you may be sending the wrong message with certain habits. As part of our Massachusetts burglary prevention tips, be aware of these things that attract burglars to your home.

Unlocked Doors & Windows

Nothing makes it easier for burglars than an easy entry. If you commonly leave your doors unlocked and/or windows open, then your home could be a target. Living in a safe neighborhood doesn’t eliminate the risk. Burglars look for areas where people put their guard down and least expect to be robbed.

Obvious Hidden Keys

Hiding a key in an obvious spot is no different than leaving your doors or windows unlocked to begin with. Let’s pretend you hide your key under the front door mat. As people come and go, they all lean down to that doormat to grab the key. Anyone passing by can easily see this. If someone is watching your home for vulnerabilities, they will undoubtedly learn about your not-so-hidden key.

Making Valuables Visible from the Street

Another of the major things that attract burglars to your home is the presence of expensive property. How would they know that you have expensive items in your home? Think about what may be visible from the outside of your home to people passing by. Can people see through your windows that you have a big flat screen TV, expensive artwork, antiques, and other items? Making sure your blinds or curtains are drawn during evening hours can make your expensive belongings less obvious to the public.

Avoid Things that Attract Burglars to Your Home

It goes without saying that it’s best to avoid things that attract burglars to your home. The above are just a few key examples. Be sure to also have proper coverage for your belongings in case of theft. Contact your independent insurance agent to review your Massachusetts homeowner’s insurance policy (or renter’s insurance policy).