Moving Tips For Families With Children

moving boxesMoving is normally a stressful time, especially for children. To help the family adjust to the change, there are certain things that you may do preceding, during, and after the event. This article contains moving tips for families with children.

In Advance of the Move

Stress appears as you start planning. Communication is essential. Make sure your children know what will take place. Get them involved with the planning to instill excitement. Talk about all of the great things that will come from the move instead of people left behind.

During the Move

Change is hard for everyone. As stressed as you may be, stay upbeat. Your mindset has a big impact on your children and their behavior. Here are some other things you can do on moving day.

Familiarity – While moving, put aside favorite belongings instead of making children wait for movers to arrive and everything to be unpacked. Those belongings will provide some comfort.

Routines – Moving will momentarily disrupt daily habits. Try your best to maintain routines with bedtimes, meals, and other activities.

Have a Campout – Make the event exciting by doing things such as camping out in your living room on a night before the movers arrive. This is fun for the children and sleeping in the same space may be comforting to keep the family sleeping together during their first night in a new home.

Settling in to a New House

Oftentimes distraction is the key to limiting stress. Think of fun activities to do in a new house. This creates memorable events. Here are a few to try.

Movie Night – Getting together for a favorite movie can make your new house feel familiar.

Find New Favorites – Most families have a special restaurant or playground. Find new favorites. Even better, find things that were not found near the old neighborhood. It will make the new house feel special.

Personalizing the Space – Most homes require some painting, so ask your children to make a few decisions. Small children may select color schemes or accent pieces while older children could be more involved with the interior design. Their input will help them feel some pride in their new house.

Additional Moving Tips For Families With Children

Keep in mind that children will be down and cranky. Give them a little leniency when they act up knowing that they may need time to adapt to the move. Keep lines of communication open so they are comfortable expressing their worries. This also gives you the ability to guide them through it. Try the moving tips for families with children shared in this article and look for other creative activities to do.