Holiday Pet Safety Tips

The holidays are a wonderful time of year that you enjoy with all of your family members,.. even the furry ones. Unfortunately, it’s not the safest time of year for pets. As you prepare for and enjoy the holidays, keep these holiday pet safety tips in mind.

Select Pet Safe Decorations

Place your decorations in a location your pets can’t reach. Ornaments with adhesives, certain types of decorative plants and scent enhancers can be toxic to animals. Make sure your holiday decorations are pet-safe, and if not, place them out of reach from your pets. For instance, avoiding using décor with fake candy or small pieces that are easily ingested. If you are planning on hanging lights, line them along the ceiling rather than the floor. Consider placing a gate around your Christmas tree. By paying a little extra attention to your Christmas décor, you can avoid an unwanted trip to the animal ER.

Be Careful What You Feed Your Pets 

When a puppy looks up at you with those big, loving eyes, it’s hard not to give them a little food off your plate, especially around the holidays. Unfortunately, most human food is not suitable for animal consumption. Foods like taffy, chocolate and garlic can cause serious digestion issues for your pet. Be sure to talk to your children and guests about not feeding human food to pets during holiday gatherings. Make sure all food is placed on tall tables, out of reaching or jumping distance.

Clean Up Your Trash After Your Guests Leave

Another pet safety hazard around the holidays is the trash. From leftover foods to discarded wrapping accessories, there are a lot of dangerous items in your holiday trash. Be sure to place trash in secure bins with lids or promptly remove them from your home. It takes mere seconds for pets to dig in the trash and swallow something they shouldn’t have.

Monitor Entrances and Exits

Holiday gatherings can be an easy escape for pets. Think of how often your door opens and closes for guests, and how distracted you may be from greeting and entertaining them. If your pets like to sneak out through open doors, there are a few things you can do. For instance, you can assign a person responsible for each pet or you can place your pets in a secure room in the home where they are unlikely to escape.

Final Words on Holiday Pet Safety Tips

Taking the right holiday pet safety precautions can help you focus on family, friends and creating lasting memories during the holidays. Think about safety and share best practices with your family and other guests to ensure that your pets can join in holiday festivities without jeopardizing their safety. We hope that you and your pets have a wonderful holiday season!