Improve Indoor Air Quality of Your Home During Winter

During the winter months, we all try to seal up our homes to prevent heat from escaping. Unfortunately, this also means that there’s less fresh air getting into your home. It is important to think about indoor air quality during the winter months. Here are a few things that you can do to improve the indoor air quality of your home during winter months.

Change Air Filters

If you have a forced hot air heating system, it will contain a filter. Be sure to change/clean this filter regularly to ensure that you are not recirculating unhealthy air through your home. Depending on the quality of your filter, you may need to change it as frequently as every month.

Avoid Use of Chemicals

Many household cleaners (and other products that you use) contain harmful chemicals. Most clearly state that they should be used in well ventilated areas. Choose more natural alternatives, particularly during winter months.

Use an Air Purifier

Air purifiers can be helpful during the winter. Air is pulled in and passed through a filter. This can be a big help if you or your family members have allergies.

Clean Off Shoes

Surprisingly, many contaminants can enter your home by hitching a ride on your shoes. During the winter, be sure to clean off your shoes before entering your home. Better yet, take off your shoes completely at the door. This will prevent anything attached to the bottom of your shoes from spreading throughout your home and kicking up into the air that you breathe.

Install a CO Detector

For homes with fuel burning heating systems, there is always a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning. Massachusetts state law requires that all residences maintain a working CO detector placed outside of bedroom areas. This can provide a valuable early warning of dangerous CO levels. Many CO detectors also cover other types of dangerous gases.

Improving Indoor Air Quality of Your Home During Winter

The first step to improving your indoor air quality is merely be conscious of it. Think about what you bring into your home,….and what you spray in your home. Take steps to further improve air quality by using an air purifier and replacing the air filter on your heating system regularly. Winter is already a tough time of year for illnesses. By improving your air quality, you put less strain on your body and allow it to better fight illnesses that you may encounter elsewhere.

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