Thanksgiving Foods That Are Unsafe for Dogs

Thanksgiving is all about food. The aroma from the delicious foods will undoubtedly attract the attention of your pets, and it’s hard not to let them join in on the feast. There are many foods that may be surprisingly dangerous for your pets. Before you start sharing with your dogs, remember these Thanksgiving foods that are unsafe for dogs.

Thanksgiving Foods That Are Unsafe for Dogs

Cooked Bones

Because dogs love bones, we are always tempted to give them a bone to chew on. Unfortunately, cooked bones of any type are extremely dangerous for pets. Cooked bones are brittle and can break into sharp little shards. This can cause internal bleeding when ingested. Therefore, never give your pets any type of cooked bones no matter how large or small.

Fatty and Seasoned Foods

Turkey skin, stuffing, or anything with lots of seasoning is bad for your dogs. Dogs have difficulty digesting fats and spices. This can cause vomiting, lethargy, or abdominal pain,… all signs of pancreatitis. Spices, like sage, can cause an upset stomach. Onions and garlic are actually toxic to dogs and can cause anemia. Artificial sweeteners contain xylitol, which is poisonous for animals. Although your pets will find seasoned foods delicious, it is simply not safe to share it with them. Many Thanksgiving foods that are unsafe for your dogs fall into this category, because we humans simply love seasoning!


You may be thinking, who would ever give alcohol to their dogs? There tends to be lots of drinking around holidays and your pet may intentionally ingest alcohol. Avoid leaving alcohol containers on coffee tables and other low-lying surfaces that your dog may reach. Additionally, don’t leave empty cans and bottles in a container on the floor. Your dog may lick the excess or spillage. Alcohol can be deadly for dogs.

Dough and Batter

As you are making pies and desserts, you might be tempted to let your dog lick the remaining dough or batter on the spoon. This is not a good idea! These ingredients can actually rise while in your dog’s stomach. Imagine that! If your ingredients include raw eggs, it can also contain salmonella. Neither of these are good for your dogs.

Chocolates and Nuts

Most dog owners know to avoid chocolates. Nuts and nutmeg should also be avoided as they tend to be high in fat. Some nuts are even toxic to dogs and can cause neurological problems.

What You Can Share with Your Dogs

Now that we’ve covered what you should avoid sharing with your dogs, here are a few things that you can give them.

  1. Turkey (without the skin or bones)
  2. Mashed Potatoes (without onions, butter, cheese, sour cream, or other seasonings)
  3. Sweet Potatoes (unseasoned)
  4. Green Beans (if not cooked with butter, onions, or garlic)
  5. Apples (without the core or seeds)

Keep in mind that you should never give your dogs large amounts of any human foods. Treating them to a small portion may make you feel better about sharing Thanksgiving dinner with your pets, but everything should be done in moderation and with safety in mind. As you celebrate the holidays, don’t forget about this list of Thanksgiving foods that are unsafe for dogs. And when in doubt, always double check before feeding anything to your pets.