Tips On Using Space Heaters

With the frigid winter weather, you and your family may be relying on space heaters more than normal. It is critical to take special steps to avoid injuries and the chances of fire. The information in this article includes tips on using space heaters.

space_heatersAutomatic Settings

Do not leave units operating continuously for long lengths of time. This can result in overheating. Newer space heaters typically have an automatic shut-off, but older units might not have that enhanced feature. For older heaters, it is best to turn them off at night and when you leave the room. It is not safe to operate them when you are away from the room.

When Children are Present

Not all space heaters are child safe. Ensure that children can not freely touch heaters. If a space heater is in a location that is impossible to block off, consider newer space heater models that are specifically made with child safety enhancements such as a no-burn surface.

Power Connections

Space heaters normally consume a lot of electricity. If your residence is not amply set up to handle multiple appliances, you may need to plug space heaters into a different outlet from others. You may also need to select outlets on separate fuses/circuits. Do not use power strips as those present added hazards.

Check Equipment

Ensure that your space heater is not broken. Look at the cords and the condition of other sections. If your heater shows signs of wear, have it repaired by a specialist to ensure that it is okay to use. You may need to repair particular parts if there are problems.

Location of the Heater

Place your space heater a safe distance (3+ feet) away from surrounding items. This includes furniture, curtains, blankets, and household products. Items that is in contact with a space heater can get hot enough to ignite, especially if made of flammable material.

Summary of Tips On Using Space Heaters

For space heaters, it is safer to buy a modern unit. Newer models have special safety features like cool touch exteriors and automated shutoff. They also require not as much power, saving money on your electric bill and reducing the possibility of blown fuses. Remembering the tips on using space heaters above will help you keep warm yet safe this season.