Preparing Your Car for Winter Weather

mistakes4The first snow storm in Massachusetts is a sign that winter is finally here. There will undoubtedly be much more snow to come before this winter is over. If you haven’t already, it’s time to start preparing your car for winter weather. Here are a few tips.

Stock Your Car

Winter weather can start at any time. Don’t get caught off guard. Keep a snow brush in your car. It’s also a good idea to have gloves and a hat ready. In New England, there’s always the possibility of a major snow storm where you may get stranded on the road. A good car emergency kit should include a blanket and some dry goods (i.e. crackers).

Vehicle Check-up

There are a few things to check on your car for winter driving safety. The first is tire pressure. Check the manufacturer’s recommendation for tire pressure for cold weather conditions. It is best to use winter or all-weather tires. Sport/Performance tires have shallow tread and will be more slippery when driving through snow. Also, if your tires are balding and need replacement, it’s best to do that now. Bald tires will be dangerous during winter weather conditions.

Check and fill your windshield washer fluid tank regularly during the winter. You will use your wipers and washer fluid much more often when driving during storms. Make sure that you can always see clearly through your windshield by having plenty of washer fluid in the tank.

Take Extra Precautions

In addition to preparing your car for winter weather, it’s a good idea to drive more conservatively during winter storms. This means reducing your speed, allowing a bigger gap between cars, and driving without the distraction of cell phones and other devices. By making sure your car is prepared and taking extra driving precautions, you can stay safe while driving this winter.