Penalties for Driving without a License in Massachusetts

Life is busy and it seems we’re always in a hurry. In your rush, do you ever find yourself driving without a license? The penalties for this are actually quite high. Here’s what you should know about penalties for driving without a license in Massachusetts.

What Constitutes Driving Without a License

Driving without a license means several things. The obvious one is that you never had a license. If you previously had a license, perhaps it expired or was suspended. Even if you do have a current valid driver’s license but simply forgot to carry it with you, you are considered driving without a license.

Specific Penalties for Driving without a License in Massachusetts

Penalties for driving without a license in Massachusetts begin at $500 and increase up to $2,000, depending on the number of offenses. Yes, this is quite steep and intentionally so. It’s designed to be a deterrent for drivers in Massachusetts. In addition to the penalty, be aware that not having a valid driver’s license to begin with is a criminal offense. You could therefore also face jail time. Avoid all of this by always carrying your license with you and not driving if your license is expired or suspended.

Disputing a Ticket for Driving Without a License

It’s extremely difficult to dispute this type of fine. If you were pulled over by law enforcement, you would have been asked to provide your license. The officer would only have issued a ticket if you failed to produce one. It would be extremely difficult to later prove that you did indeed have your license on you. Play it safe and always carry your license on you to begin with.

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