How MA Auto Insurance Rates Are Determined

There are several factors to how MA auto insurance rates are determined. Among the most common are driving record, location, the type of vehicle, and eligibility for discounts. Below are a few details on each of these factors.

Driving Record

The biggest influence on your auto insurance rates is your personal driving record. Massachusetts works on a point system. Motor vehicle violations (accidents for which you are at fault, moving violations, etc.) are assigned a certain number of points for which insurance companies can apply a surcharge. Points remain on your record for a certain number of years and lead to higher insurance rates.


The town in which you live (and where your vehicle is “garaged”) is a second major factor on your auto insurance rates. Large cities generally have higher accident and auto theft rates. Auto insurance premiums are therefore higher to reflect the increased likelihood of your vehicle being stolen or being involved in an accident.

Type of Vehicle

The higher the value of a vehicle, the higher the cost will be to repair or replace it. Naturally, the insurance cost will reflect this as well. Vehicles with high theft rates will also incur more expensive premiums.

Discounts on MA Auto Insurance Rates

Ask your insurance provider about discounts available for MA auto insurance rates. Some common ones are:

  • Multiple policy discounts if you have more than one vehicle or additional policies such as home owner’s or renter’s insurance.
  • Discounts for members of certain organizations.
  • Discounts for low annual mileage.

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