MA Home Energy Saving Tips

Limiting energy consumption in your MA property is not only good for the environment but will also reduce your expenses. There are things that you can change all year long. This blog offers MA home energy saving tips.

Managing Temperature

A programmable thermostat saves money on heat and air conditioning. Instead of leaving your heating or cooling on the entire day, you can set your system to adjust at different times of day. This also stops you from forgetting to turn your thermostat down when you leave your house or while you are sleeping.


The method used to manage the temperature in a house can depend on the type of heating system. Forced hot air systems heat an area very quickly, whereas hot water systems take dramatically more time. If you have a forced hot air unit, drop the temperature dramatically and program it to warm back up immediately before you plan to return home. For hot water systems, allow the system more time to return to the desired temperature.

Air Conditioning Advice

Placement of air conditioners is important. For built-in units, the most optimal location for vents is close to the ceiling because cold air falls. For portable systems, try not to place them near doorways that open often and allow cooled air to escape.


Appliances use electricity even when they are idle. For example, an LCD or plasma TV takes about 400 watts when turned on and 4 watts when idle. When you combine all of the electronics in a residence, this can add up to a lot of unnecessary electricity over time. Take the time to unplug electronics that are not frequently used. To simplify this, attach multiple cords to a surge protector that can be powered off.

Water Usage

Water is one of the most misused resources in MA properties. As a basic first step, try not to leave water running while brushing your teeth or washing dishes. Quickly fix plumbing leaks or running toilets. Consider dual flush toilets or place a water displacement object into the tanks of current toilets to reduce the amount of water used for flushing. Low-flow faucets and shower heads can also help. These changes will save on both water and sewer expenses.

Monitoring Air Escape

Keep doors and windows shut to retain the heat or air conditioning in your MA residence. If you have entrances with two sets of doors, close one door before opening the other. This will minimize the amount of air that escapes your residence.

Light Fixtures

Take advantage of natural sunlight whenever possible to illuminate and warm up interior spaces. Use solar powered outside lights. Energy conserving light bulbs can be purchased at local hardware stores and most are brighter and run longer than their normal counterparts, making the benefits of switching clear.

MA Home Energy Saving Tips

Some of the MA home energy saving tips above are quickly implemented while others require you to be more aware of your daily habits. Together, they can result in some savings on your monthly utility bills. Practice energy awareness throughout the year in your MA home to gain the most benefit from your efforts.