MA Auto Insurance Discounts for Young Drivers

img305Young adults don’t normally have a lot of money and their auto insurance rates are generally high due to their driving inexperience. Therefore, it’s important to take advantage of insurance discounts. Here are a dew MA auto insurance discounts for young drivers.

Drivers Training Discount

Young drivers who attended a driving school are normally eligible for a discount. Training must have been completed within a certain period of time. Discounts can be up to 10% of the annual insurance premium, depending on the particular insurance company.

Good Student Discount

Students who perform well in school are viewed favorably by insurance companies since they are more likely to be conscientious drivers as well. Check with your insurance company about whether this discount is available for your policy. It could save you up to 10%!

Full Payment Discount

Some insurance companies offer a small discount for paying the policy premium in full rather than in monthly installments. Although this is not a huge discount, every little bit counts!

Multi-Car Discounts

Most insurance companies offer a discount for having more than one vehicle on the same policy. Young adults should discuss combining policies with their parents. Keep in mind that such discounts normally apply to passenger vehicles. Other types of vehicles, such as motorcycles, may be excluded.

Other MA Auto Insurance Discounts for Young Drivers

Young MA drivers may qualify for other discounts depending on the type of vehicle and policy. Contact Eagle Trust Insurance for a free quote and to compare rates with different insurance providers.