MA Law Requires Shoveling of Walkways Around Your Home

If you own a home in Massachusetts, MA law requires shoveling of walkways around your home. It is the homeowners responsibility to create safe, walkable pathways to and from your home. This includes the driveway, sidewalks, and pathways to your door.

Reducing MA Homeowners Insurance Claims

MA law requires shoveling of walkwaysIf a pedestrian is injured on your property due to unsafe walking conditions, this can result in a lawsuit and homeowners insurance claim. Although homeowners insurance covers hazards in and around your home, filing a claim is never a good thing. First, there is a deductible that you must pay out of pocket. Secondly, your claim history will affect your future homeowners insurance rates. So, your cost for an accident could be far more than the initial deductible that you are paying.

Potential Lawsuits

In addition to an insurance claim, you may be personally sued for damages. All insurance policies have coverage limits. You could be personally responsible for any damages or injuries above those limits. For most homeowners, that would create quite the burden.

Why MA Law Requires Shoveling of Walkways

The MA law requiring shoveling of walkways around your home simply makes sense. As a homeowner, you have the ability to ensure the safety of people visiting your home. Whether it be family, friends, the delivery man, or some other visitor, you may have people approaching your property at any given time. Accidents on your property, both inside and out, are your responsibility. Save yourself from the headache of an insurance claim and/or lawsuit. Clear your walkways! In slippery conditions, you may also need to add salt or sand to make walkways safe for pedestrians.