MA Auto Insurance Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage

Rental care reimbursement coverage is an optional additional protection that you can purchase with your MA auto insurance policy. Because it is optional, most people do not think about adding this coverage. Think about what you would do if your car was in an accident and in the shop for several days or weeks. Would you be able to live without a car? Can you afford to rent a car for an extended period of time? If not, then you really should purchase MA auto insurance rental car reimbursement coverage!

What Is Rental Car Reimbursement Coverage?

Rental reimbursement provides financial protection for you if you need a vehicle when your car is damaged in an accident. Some policies also cover car rentals when your vehicle undergoes mechanical repairs. Rental reimbursement is generally available only with policies that include collision and comprehensive coverage.

How Do I Know If I Purchased the Coverage on My Car Insurance Policy?

You should have a copy of your auto insurance policy. The first several pages are called the declarations pages. These information on the coverages that you have purchased for each of your vehicles. Look for a line item for “Rental” or “Extended Transportation”. If this line includes a dollar amount and a premium listed, then you have purchased rental car reimbursement coverage. If you have multiple vehicles on your policy, you may purchase this coverage for select vehicles.

How Rental Car Reimbursement Works

rental car reimbursement coverageRental car reimbursement coverage offsets the daily cost of a rental vehicle for a specific time period and up to the specific daily limit that you purchased. Daily limits can range from $20 to $40 per day. If you choose to rent a more expensive vehicle, then you are responsible for the difference. There is also a limit on the maximum number of days and total cost. For example, you may have a maximum of 30-days for a rental and $900 for total cost ($30 per day). Most insurance have agreements with major rental car companies that include direct billing and pre-negotiated rates. Be sure to check with your insurance company before making arrangements for a rental vehicle. This will help streamline the process.