MA Car Towing and Labor Insurance

car towingMA car towing and labor insurance is a simple add-on to your auto insurance policy. It covers the cost of having your car towed for repairs and for labor performed at the spot where your car was towed. It does not cover repairs at the shop after towing. With the high cost of towing, this is a helpful add-on to a policy.

What is Covered Under MA Car Towing and Labor Insurance

Towing is covered (within a certain number of miles) for vehicles that cannot be repaired on-site. In some cases, towing can be avoided with minor repairs. Examples of repairs that may be covered are:

  • Flat Tires
  • Dead Batteries
  • Empty Gas Tanks
  • Cars Stuck in Snow or Mud
  • Locked Keys

It is important to note that coverage is for labor and not parts. For example, if your car battery died, insurance may cover the cost of someone coming out to recharge the battery or to replace it on-site, but it would not cover the cost of the new battery itself.

Who Should Purchase MA Car Towing and Labor Insurance

MA car towing and labor insurance is not just for old cars. Any car is likely to get a flat tire, need a new battery, or require other types of roadside assistance. These occurrences are almost always unexpected and may be costly. If it may result in hardship for you, purchasing coverage may be a cost-effective alternative.

Car Towing Plan Options

You can purchase this type of service and coverage from your insurance company or from third party companies just as AAA. The major difference between the two is that AAA typically covers a person, regardless of what vehicle they are in. Coverage from auto insurance companies are for the specific vehicle. Be sure to ask about exactly what is covered under each option as they will vary.