MA RMV Point System & Auto Insurance Rates

MA Auto insurance ratesIn the state of Massachusetts, auto insurance rates are determined by your driving history, or more importantly, the number of accidents and moving violations in that history. Knowing how the system works will help you understand the impact of accidents and moving violations on your MA auto insurance premiums. Here are some of the basics of the MA RMV point system and MA auto insurance rates.

MA RMV Point System

Think of points as penalties. Your goal is not to have any on your record. Points are added to your driving record for things such as accidents and moving violations. The number of points for each incident depends on the severity. For example, an accident (for which you are at fault) with up to $5,000 in damages would incur 3 points, whereas one with significantly more damage would incur 4 points. Moving violations are generally assigned 2 points.

Impact of Points on MA Auto Insurance Rates

Points on your RMV driving record can impact your auto insurance rates for up to 6 years. Thus, they can result in quite an added expense. Some insurance companies will look back only 3 years into your driving record while others may look back up to 6 years. Any points considered will increase your insurance premiums. Since MA has a competitive insurance market, the surcharge for points will vary from one insurance company to another, so it’s important to shop around.

Good Driving Makes “Cents”

Given that accidents and moving violations can result in surcharges on your MA auto insurance rates for up to 6 years, it’s important to try and maintain a clean driving record with no RMV points added. Also keep in mind that incidents occurring in other states may appear on your MA RMV record, so it’s not necessarily solely reflect of your in-state driving history. It truly does pay off to be a conscientious and careful driver.