Summer Lawn Care Tips for MA Homeowners

Caring for your lawn during the summer months can be much different than the spring months. Spring rains and ild temperatures tend to help lawns flourish, while hot summer temperatures often stress out a lawn and make it challenging to retain its green hue. You can help alleviate some of that by adjusting your lawn care approach during the summer. Here are some summer lawn care tips for MA homeowners.

Lawn Mower Settings

Mowing your lawn regularly is extremely important. Set your mower blade to the highest setting, allowing the lawn to remain taller in height. Leave the grass clippings on the lawn as it will act as a fertilizer.  Mow frequently to ensure that the grass clippings are not too long, as that can smother your lawn.

Lawn Watering Frequency & Duration

During the summer months, it’s better to water your lawn for longer durations but less frequently. So, instead of watering it every day, you may want to change it to every other day. Additionally, instead of 15 minutes of watering, you may want to increase it to 20-30 minutes. The longer timeframes allow water to get deeper into the roots.

Fertilizer & Treatments

Using the right fertilizer for your lawn and the particular season can help your lawn flourish. It’s important not to over-fertilize. Additionally, treatments for insects and weeds can helpful. If you are unsure of what products are appropriate, consider consulting with experts at your local hardware store or hiring a lawn care company to administer them for you.

With the right chemicals, watering, and mowing, your lawn can remain green addn healthy throughout the summer months. We hope that these summer lawn care tips help you maintain the curb appeal of your home this summer. Follow us on social media for additional MA homeownership tips and tricks.