Overview of Medical Payments Insurance Coverage

http://www.dreamstime.com/-image12586361If you have health insurance coverage and happen to find yourself in an automobile accident, you are not necessarily fully covered for medical expenses. For comprehensive coverage, as well as peace of mind, you may want to consider purchasing medical payments insurance coverage, or Med Pay, through your auto insurance provider. The following is an overview of Medical Payments insurance coverage.

What is Med Pay?

Med Pay is basic coverage that you can add to your car insurance policy. It covers the driver and passengers up to a certain dollar amount for any medical (or funeral) expenses related to an accident. Med Pay limits generally range from $1,000 to $10,000 and, regardless of who is at fault, covers expenses like surgical, medical and chiropractic treatment. It also covers services such as X-rays and prosthetic devices. It is helpful in cases where regular medical insurance coverage falls short.

Med Pay, PIP and Health Insurance

Personal Injury Protection is similar coverage to Med Pay and is required by states, such as Massachusetts, that have introduced “no-fault” laws. You can actually purchase both PIP and Med Pay in Massachusetts. You should also consider Med Pay as supplemental coverage if you have traditional health insurance because it is generally much less expensive, your premium will not increase if you file a claim, and you are not limited to specific treatments and physicians.

Other Considerations

Med Pay only covers necessary expenses and treatments as a result of an automobile accident, so you should not use it as a replacement for traditional health insurance. You will want to use Med Pay to cover expenses that your health insurance will not, like chiropractic treatments. Just be aware that when you do, you will have to pay out-of-pocket and then submit a receipt for reimbursement.

Overview of Medical Payments Insurance Coverage

This overview of Medical Payments insurance coverage is just an overview of what it can do for you in case of an accident. If you are considering purchasing Med Pay for extra coverage, you should contact your auto insurance agent for additional information.