Boating While Intoxicated Leads to Higher Insurance Rates

Boating and alcohol seem to be a perfect combination for some people. It’s a beautiful day, you’re out with friends, you’ve got a lunch packed along with a cooler full of cold beers. However, boating while intoxicated is more dangerous than driving while intoxicated. BUI also leads to higher insurance rates.

Why Boating While Intoxicated Is Dangerous

Driving a boat is generally more dangerous than driving a car. Unlike a car, a boat does not stop quickly. It keeps floating and moving with the water even after the power is shut off. Boats also do not have to stay in specific lanes and that makes it more difficult to judge where other boats may be heading. There is also the danger of being surrounded by water and the potential for drowning.

Likelihood of Intoxication

It is actually easier to become intoxicated while on a boat. The constant motion makes your body more vulnerable. Additionally, if you are dehydrated from being in the sun, your body will absorb alcohol more quickly. Therefore, even small amounts of alcohol can have a major impact.

BUI Leads to Higher Insurance Rates

BUI convictions will dramatically increase your insurance rates. Some companies may even cancel your insurance policy, car insurance included. If your policy is not cancelled, you may be required to carry SR-22 insurance, which is insurance reserved for high-risk clients. Receiving a BUI proves to insurance companies that you are irresponsible and a high risk.

Boating Safety

Enjoying a beer while relaxing in the sun on your boat may seem like a fun, cheap day out, but if you are issued a BUI by a law enforcement official, that beer may end up costing you thousands of dollars in car insurance rates. Enjoy your boat ride minus the beer and enjoy the beer once you return to land. Doing so can help you avoid being issued a BUI. Different insurance companies handle BUI convictions in different ways, so if you have already received a BUI, seek advice from your insurance agent.