Homeowner’s Insurance for Swimming Pools

317974_452728984750959_945275400_nWhen most people think about backyard swimming pools, they think of fun summertime parties, relaxing swims after a hot day at work or splashing around with their children. They do not necessarily think about the liability that comes with owning a swimming pool. If you have a backyard swimming pool, it is important to have homeowner’s insurance that will cover any accidents that may occur in or around the pool. Basic homeowner’s insurance policies typically do not have enough coverage to protect you from accidents in swimming pools and hot tubs. The following is some information on what you can do to get homeowner’s insurance for swimming pools.

Why You Need Extra Homeowner’s Insurance for Swimming Pools

It is amazing how quickly an accident can occur. Someone could easily trip or fall and break a limb, or even worse, hit their head and drown before anyone is aware that something happened. It is even possible for inexperienced swimmers to drown without a related accident. Your friends and family most likely will not want to sue you if an accident does take place, but depending on the cost of their medical expenses, they may not have a choice.

Ways to Increase Your Homeowner’s Coverage

There are two main options available when it comes to homeowner’s insurance for your swimming pool. First, you can increase your liability insurance. Start by talking with your independent insurance agent to determine your current coverage. Limits will vary based on the policy. Your best bet when owning a swimming pool is to increase your liability coverage to the maximum amount allowed.

Your second option is to consider an umbrella policy.  This often provides an extra $1 million or more in coverage. An umbrella policy adds extra protection after you have exhausted your liability coverage. If you have $500,000 in liability coverage but that does not cover the medical bills of the person suing you, the umbrella policy would kick in to cover any additional costs.

More on Homeowner’s Insurance for Swimming Pools

Just because there are risks to owning a swimming pool or hot tub does not mean that you should not have one. There are risks to just about anything in life! Just be sure to protect yourself in case of an accident. Start by contacting your independent insurance agent to discuss homeowner’s insurance for your swimming pool.