MA Umbrella Insurance and Its Importance

Red umbrella with reflection in waterUmbrella insurance covers you against lawsuits for your personal negligence. It normally covers many, if not all, of the expenses that you are most likely to incur such as legal representation, property damages, medical bills or lost wages. The following is important information on MA umbrella insurance, who should purchase it, and why it is important.

Who Should Purchase Umbrella Insurance

There is a misconception that umbrella coverage is a luxury that most people do not need or cannot afford. The reality is, anyone can be sued and could therefore benefit from it. It is particularly important for anyone who has a liability insurance policy, such as auto or homeowners insurance. These policies have certain coverage limits. If a lawsuit exceeds that amount, personal assets can be at risk. Coverage can cost as little as a few hundred dollars a year, so it is much more affordable than people realize.

Why Umbrella Insurance Is Important

The most important reason to have umbrella insurance is to protect your personal assets, financial savings or even your home. Any of these could be seized in order to pay legal fees and other costs resulting from your negligence. Everyone is likely to commit some negligent act in their lifetime and no one is immune from lawsuits. MA umbrella insurance is a small price to pay to safeguard yourself from that risk.

Obtaining an Umbrella Insurance Policy

Contact Eagle Trust Insurance for a free quote on umbrella insurance. You will be asked to provide some personal information, accident history, list of assets, and other relevant information. A member of our dedicated team will provide you with information and answer any questions that you may have.