MA Home Repairs With The Highest Return

MA homeowners should consider the actual change in the value of their property versus the expense of particular changes before performing any upgrades. Some renovations may be more advantageous than others. Below are details on MA home repairs with the highest return.

MA Home Repairs With The Highest Return

Home owners typically anticipate to regain the full amount of money spent onrenovations upon the sale of their property. This is an expected feeling, but unfortunately, it is not supported by reality. Different home repairs add different values, and that value can vary based on geographic areas. To give you an overview on home repairs with the highest return, here are a few national averages.

Repairs and National Averages

The figures below are from the Remodeling Magazine Report.

Improvement Amount Spent Value Change Percentage of Cost Returned
Basement Remodel 63,378 42,338 66.8 percent
Deck Addition 10,350 7,259 70.1 percent
Batdroom Remodel 16,552 10,293 62.2 percent
Major Kitchen Remodel 57,494 37,785 65.7 percent
Entry Door Replacement 3,536 1,990 56.3 percent

AnalyzingHome Repairs With The Highest Return

Another factor affecting the value of improvements is whether it is a mid-range or up-scale project. Kitchen updates, for instance, can be completed using different quality materials leading to a different ending value. So, not only should you consider the area of change but also the amount of money to spend. For a extensive list of home renovations and currentMA home repairs with the highest return, visit