Beware of Insurance Companies that Lure Customers with Low Introductory Rates

The insurance industry in Massachusetts is pretty competitive. As such, many customers will rate shop and look for the lowest possible premiums. Some insurance companies quote unusually low rates to get your business, only to increase them shortly … [Read more...]

MA RMV Point System & Auto Insurance Rates

In the state of Massachusetts, auto insurance rates are determined by your driving history, or more importantly, the number of accidents and moving violations in that history. Knowing how the system works will help you understand the impact of … [Read more...]

Factors that Affect Home Insurance Rates in MA

There are many factors that affect home insurance rates in MA. They include not only details of the home itself but also information on the homeowner. Below are a few key factors to be aware of whether you are buying a new home or are already a home … [Read more...]

How Credit Scores Affect Auto Insurance Rates

Did you know that when you apply for car insurance, the insurance company looks at your credit score as well as your driving history? Your credit score is actually one of the major determining factors on how much you will pay for your insurance … [Read more...]