2016 1st Quarter Somerville MA Single Family Market Statistics

The 2016 1st quarter Somerville MA single family market statistics show a big surge in home prices! The average price of single family homes increased dramatically during the first quarter of this year, compared to the same time frame from last year. … [Read more...]

2015 Somerville MA Condo Property Market Report

The condo market continues to rise dramatically in the Somerville area. This is no surprise considering that home buyers who want to live in and around Boston turn to condos as the more affordable option. Here are the 2015 Somerville MA condo … [Read more...]

Somerville MA Single Family Home Sale Statistics For 2015

The year ended strong in the Somerville single family home market. This is great news for homeowners! Here are the Somervile MA single family home sale statistics for 2015. Somerville MA Single Family Property Prices Average home prices are a great … [Read more...]

Somerville MA Condo Market Update – Q3 2015

With the rising price of single family homes in communities in and around Boston, condos are normally the more affordable alternative for many buyers. It is no surprise that with the increased demand for condos, their prices have been rising quite … [Read more...]

Somerville MA Inventory Shortage

There is low home inventory in many areas in and around Boston. Supply is not accommodating demand. Purchasing a home in this market is definitely different than what you may have experienced just a few years ago. The following is information on how … [Read more...]

FHA Loan Criteria Changes On September 15, 2015 | Somerville MA FHA Loans

First time buyers frequently use an FHA loans for their home purchase. FHA loan criteria changes on September 15, 2015 include many important changes. Here is some information on those changes. Changes to Income Categories Part-time Work Home … [Read more...]

Somerville MA Condo Property Summary For The 2nd Quarter 2015

It was another impressive quarter for condo sales in Somerville, as seen by the average price of homes sold.Home sales statistics will tell you a lot about what is going on in a specific market. Things may fluctuate often, so it is useful to remain … [Read more...]

2015 2nd Quarter Single Family Real Estate Overview For Somerville MA

The Somerville real estate market continues to dramatically improve. With fewer listings compared to previous years, homes are still selling very quickly and for higher values. Reviewing market data gives you a sense of a local market. Trends willl … [Read more...]

2015 1st Quarter Single Family Home Statistics For Somerville MA

The Somerville MA single family market did not close out as strongly as the condo market did during the first quarter of this year. Average selling prices actually dropped a bit compared to the first quarter of last year. The 2015 1st quarter single … [Read more...]

1st Quarter 2015 Somerville MA Condo Home Market Report

It is still a hot market in Somerville. Average selling prices for condos continue to rise compared to previous years. Here is a 1st quarter 2015 Somerville MA condo home market report with more detailed information. Prices of Condo Homes in … [Read more...]