Benefits of Independent Insurance Agents in MA

IIA-logoWhen it comes to purchasing insurance (auto, life, business, home, etc.), you have many options. You may go directly to the insurance company or use an insurance agent who has access to multiple different companies. Understanding the role and benefits of Independent Insurance Agents may help you decide whether you should contact one for assistance.

Who Are Independent Insurance Agents?

Independent insurance agents are local business owners that are part of the community. They typically represent a number of different insurance companies, rather than just a single one. This is what makes them “independent.” This also grants them access to a wide range of programs and services.

Benefits of Independent Insurance Agents in MA

An independent agent is not beholden to any particular insurance company and is your independent advocate. They can quote a wide range of insurance products and have the opportunity to evaluate different carriers in an effort to find one that best match your needs. They can provide you with multiple quotes from multiple carriers. Because they service a wide range of products, they are often very good at educating their customers on what options to consider and how offerings from different providers vary.

Independent insurance agents may also offer multiple policy discounts even if you select products from different carriers. For example, you may select a different provider for auto versus homeowners insurance. Since you have the same independent agent for both policies, they can often extend a discount.

Because independent insurance agents are members of the community, they rely heavily on local support. They are often active members of the community. They also focus on customer service and building loyalty in the customer-base. Beyond the benefits of independent insurance agents in MA, by using an independent agent you are also supporting local businesses.

Eagle Trust Insurance, an Independent Insurance Agent

Eagle Trust Insurance is proud to be one of many independent insurance agents in MA. We have access to programs from a wide range of major insurance providers and can help you find the best products to fit your needs. If you are unsure of what coverages you need, we can help you with that too. We will take the time to understand your situation and explain your options. Customer satisfaction is critical to our success. Feel free to contact us for assistance with your insurance needs.