Safe Driver Incentives and Other Benefits of Driving Safe

There are many benefits of driving safe. The most obvious is to reduce accidents for your own protection as well as for other drivers and pedestrians on the roadways. Beyond that, there is also a financial benefit as many insurance companies offer safe driver incentives.

Safe Driver Incentives

Many insurance companies now extend discounts to “safe drivers.” Incentives can include lower premiums and vanishing deductibles. Discounted premiums for safe drivers can result in significant savings. Vanishing deductibles lead to lower deductibles for every year that you do not file a claim for a car accident. Deductibles can completely disappear for drivers with five years without accidents.

Safe Driving Courses

cautious drivingPeople often think that safety courses are solely for new drivers or those mandated by the courts. Everyone can benefit from the skills taught at driving courses. In fact, it can actually be fun. In some states, taking a safety driving course could earn you up to 10% off your car insurance rates. Some of the skills and manoeuvres covered include:

  • Controlling a vehicle during dangerous weather.
  • How to control a hydroplaning vehicle.
  • Anticipating dangerous situations.
  • Reacting to different road conditions.
  • Strategies to manage turns.
  • Making informed decisions on the road.

Other Benefits of Driving Safe

When you avoid aggressive driving and practice safe driving techniques, you can…

  • Save money on gas.
    Vehicles are most efficient at certain speeds and by avoiding rapid acceleration and deceleration.
  • Extend the life of your tires.
    Aggressive driving puts a lot of extra wear on vehicle tread.
  • Put less wear and tear on your vehicle.
    Your engine will be much happier without continual quick starts and abrupt stops.
  • Avoid Accidents
  • Save Money
  • Live longer!