Hands Free Options For Vehicle Cellphone Use

There has been increasing legislation around cellphone use while driving. Pulling over to answer a phone call or text message may not be an option for you. Some responsibilities, like a career or family, require constant communication no matter where you are. Hands free options protect you against any legal penalty of using your phone while driving and also improve your focus on the road. Below are a few hands free options for vehicle cellphone use to consider.

Cellphone Mounts

The most common hands free option is a cellphone mount. Due to the design gap in the dashboard of vehicles, companies have become more creative with the types of mounts they produce. Your options are growing, but here are popular locations for mounts for inside your car:

  • Cupholder
  • Window (Suction Cup)
  • CD Player
  • Vents
  • Dashboard

It really doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you have, there is a mount made for you. Most local retailers will carry them, and a twenty dollar mount will save you from getting a pricey moving violation.

Bluetooth Kits

Newer car models have integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities into their electronic systems. If you haven’t purchased a car with all the bells and whistles, look for a Bluetooth kit. Often times your 12 volt port will serve as a hub to connect your phone directly to your cars speaker system. If you prefer to have higher call quality, most kits also come with a Bluetooth ear piece. This way, you can have your friends, family or coworkers right up to your ear without having to take a hand off the wheel.

In Car Speakerphone Enhancers

If our hands are full, we often use our speakerphone option. One problem you may have noticed is how loud the cabin of your vehicle is while moving. Your small cellphone speakers may not stand a chance, but an in-car speakerphone enhancer can solve that problem. Cars without Bluetooth connectivity, or cars with speaker malfunctions could benefit from an in-car speakerphone enhancer, but they are less common than the aforementioned options.

iOS or Android Watches

A new trend that has taken this industry by storm is smart watches. These devices connect directly to your cellphone, but are strapped to your wrist. Not all actions on a smart watch are considered hands-free, so keep your usage to answering calls or voice responding to texts. Scrolling through an app on your wrist is just as distracting as staring at your phone on your lap, so be mindful!

Last Note On Hands Free Options For Vehicle Cellphone Use

While you shouldn’t make a habit of using your phone in your vehicle, sometimes you just have to. Our cellphones serve as media players, GPS navigators and our lifelines, so be prepared to use one legally if you plan to use one at all. These hands free options for vehicle cellphone use can literally save your life, or the lives of others around you.