Massachusetts Pest Prevention Tips

Whether you are a long time homeowner or just purchased your first house, finding out there are pests in the house can ruin your sense of security. Pests can contaminate food and water, damage the structural integrity of your home and decrease its overall value. These Massachusetts pest prevention tips will help you prevent issues and preserve your home’s value.

Keep Wood And Other Materials Away From The Exterior Of Your Home

Almost any collection of material will offer a breeding ground for pests. The crevasses offer protection from prey and weather, which allow the pests to have a longer lifespan. Some pests feed off the material they live in, such as termites with wood, so eliminating their food source is helpful. Store the materials in a dry space, properly stacked with a tarp or enclosure around them, and far from your home.

Fill Any Gaps Or Openings In Your Foundation 

Older homes or homes with poor build quality may have gaps in the foundation that allow pests to enter. Inspecting the exterior and interior of your home will help you identify any entry points. Seal off any holes or cracks and place traps next to them. This will ensure there are no more pests entering your home and those that try to leave will encounter the trap.

Remove Clutter

Cardboard boxes, old clothes, stacks of blankets and other clutter can also offer pests excellent living conditions. For instance, cockroaches eat cardboard, so having a basement or attic full of it is a big food source for them. Pair down what you own, have a yard sale and take the rest to the dump. Air tight storage bags and enclosed plastic containers are a great way to store items while protecting what’s inside.

Keep Trash Bins Outside and Away From The Exterior of Your Home

Your food scraps are another animal’s main course. Make sure your garbage bags are tied tight when you take out the trash. Also, store trash bins away from your home to ensure whatever is rummaging around won’t follow the trail back to its source. Trash bins with small latches or plastic molded locks keep animals like raccoons at bay and will keep your trash protected until pick-up day.

Don’t Leave Food Around

If you had a party, a movie night or just cooked a meal, clean up promptly after. Crumbs, open packages and food left in the sink can attract pests like mice. Put leftovers in Tupperware or throw it away immediately.

Other Massachusetts Pest Prevention Tips

We hope these Massachusetts pest prevention tips will help you keep your home pest-free. If you do experience any issues with pests, be sure to address them right away as they can multiply very quickly. Call a professional for any serious infestations. By being proactive and quickly reactive, you can minimize damages and better preserve the value of your home.