Holiday Traveling Tips for MA Residents

With Christmholiday-travelas just a few days away, you and/or your family members may be doing some traveling over the next week or two. Holiday travel can be stressful, so we thought we’d share a few holiday traveling tips for MA residents.

Check and Re-check Flights

Flight status can change frequently at this time of year. Be sure to constantly check and re-check flights, especially before you leave the house for your own trip or head to the airport to pick up a family member. Some airlines offer email or text alerts, but bear in mind that these are sometimes slightly delayed.

Bring Electronics and Chargers

Whether you’re traveling alone or with kids, electronic devices can provide hours of entertainment. This can be a huge help during delays. Earphones are a must while waiting in airport terminals. Be sure to also pack chargers in your carry-on, just in case delays are longer than expected.

Don’t Forget the Snacks

Traveling is stressful to begin with. Your ability to deal with that stress will be much less if you’re hungry. Be sure to pack lots of snacks for your trip. Although drinks may have security restrictions, most snacks are perfectly fine. You’ll also spend less on expensive airport food if you bring your own stash of snacks to munch on.

Travel Light

Waiting for luggage or dragging around lots of luggage can make your travels more hectic. Consider shipping gifts ahead of time or go with light-weight options (like gift cards).¬†In general, try to pack light. You’ll be glad you did!

Wear Layers

Temperatures can vary throughout your travels,… from terminal to plane to commuting. Staying comfortable and warm will improve your travel experience. Dress in layers so that you can easily add or remove pieces as needed.

More Holiday Traveling Tips

Although there’s no snow predicted for Massachusetts, there is a storm brewing out West. This could create delays throughout the country. By expecting and preparing for delays, you can remain calm during your travels. Keep the above tips in mind and don’t forget to pack your patience!